Important notice to members of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry – Advice of forthcoming General Assembly of the Society – details on Congress/Festival Program page. [posted November 1 2016]
10th International Symmetry Society Congress-Festival
Symmetry and Social Harmony
Special Theme: Symmetry in Society
Special Panel: Symmetry & Asymmetry in an Urbanising World
Venue: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Date: 1st-6th December 2016
This triennial Congress-Festival  -“Symmetry & Social Harmony” – organised by the International Symmetry Society (ISS) will have a key focus on symmetry patterns in the context of social harmony in addition to other papers on symmetry in the sciences and the arts.
These patterns pervade many fields of natural sciences and the humanities. The International Symmetry Society has a tradition of interesting and productive scientific meetings in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, attracting leading researchers and professionals in a variety of fields enabling the exploration of the importance of such patterns.
The 10th Congress-Festival Symmetry & Social Harmony is devoted to the same circle of problems traditionally discussed in the triennial ISS meetings; however, this year we have an additional special topic: symmetry and social harmony which is historically related to the place where the Congress-Festival takes place – Adelaide – a city planned by Colonel William Light in 1836. Adelaide is the only city in the world to have its centre completely surrounded by a figure-eight shape parkland.

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