Congress/Festival Organising Committees

Local Scientific and Organising Committee

Lynn Maurice Ferguson ARNOLD, Priest in St Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide; former Premier of South Australia – [Australia] – Chair

Ghil’ad ZUCKERMANN, Professor of Linguistics and Endangered Languages and Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Fellow at the University of Adelaide – [Australia] – Co-Chair

Lachlan COLEMAN, University of Adelaide – [Australia]

Marcello Costa, Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor Human Physiology,  Flinders University – [Australia]

Felix PATRIKEEFF, University of Adelaide – [Australia]

Anastasios M. TAMIS, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Notre Dame Australia; Director of the Australian Institute for Hellenic Research – [Australia]

General Program Committee

Denes NAGY, Mathematician, President of the International Symmetry Society, Melbourne and Budapest – [Australia and Hungary] – Co-Chair.

Ioannis M. VANDOULAKIS, Historian and Philosopher of Mathematics, Treasurer of the International Symmetry Society, The Hellenic Open University & The Open University of Cyprus [Greece and Cyprus] – Co-Chair.

Seyed Alireza BEHNEJAD, Architect and Structural Engineer, Secretary of the International Symmetry Society; University of Surrey – [United Kingdom and Iran]

Oleg BODNAR, Architect, Lviv Polytechnic National University’s Institute of Architecture – [Ukraine]

Beth CARDIER, Writer – [Australia and U.S.A.]

Liu DUN, Historian of Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing – [China]

Shozo ISHIHARA, Physicist and Crystallographer, Saitama Prefectural University – [Japan]

Éva GYARMATHY, Psychologist, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – [Hungary]

Eugene KATZ, Physicist, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev – [Israel]

Veronika MAKAROVA, Linguist, University of Saskatchewan – [Canada & Russia]

Janusz REBIELAK, Architect, Cracow University of Technology – [Poland]

Dmitry WEISE, Medical doctor – [Russia]

Senior Scientific Advisors

William S. HUFF, Honorary President of the International Symmetry Society, Professor Emeritus, State University of New York at Buffalo – [U.S.A.]

Ted GORANSON, Research Scientist, Chairperson of the Oversight Committee of the International Symmetry Society – [U.S.A.]

Claudio GUERRI, Architect, Universidad de Buenos Aires & Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero – [Argentina]

Paul MEZEY, Chemist and Mathematician, Memorial University of Newfoundland – [Canada]

Yoshinori TESHIMA, Applied Physicist, Chiba Institute of Technology – [Japan]