Congress/Festival Program

Preliminary Conference Program

Thursday December 1st: Official Opening Reception 7pm

[The General Assembly will be held at 5pm at the Congress site. If there is not a quorum of members present, the General Assembly will be recovened on December 2 at 9pm – Agenda below]

Friday December 2nd: Conference sessions 9-5pm

General Assembly of the International Symmetry Society 9pm – Agenda below

Saturday December 3rd: Conference sessions 9-4pm

Sunday December 4th: Conference sessions 1-6pm

Monday December 5th: Conference sessions 9-5pm

Official Conference Dinner 7pm

Tuesday December 6th: Conference sessions as yet to be advised

Excursions related to symmetrical theme

General Assembly – Agenda for meeting [open only to members of the International Society]

  1. Opening of the meeting.
  2. Election of Chair of this meeting.
  3. Election of minute-takers for this meeting.
  4. Remembering for George Lugosi, the first chair of the Society’s sister organization.
  5. President’s Report.
  6. Treasurer’s Report.
  7. Oversight Committee Chair’s Report.
  8. Election of site of next congress.
  9. Discussing organizational questions, the relationship with the sister organizations
  10. Introducing an Annual General Assembly and regular Board Meetings by electronic facilities.
  11. International connections and cooperation agreements with other institutions, societies, and organization.
  12. Others.